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Website Critique Essay - 1030 Words

For this critique assignment I chose the website; When looking for a website to critique I found this particular website and loved the bright, colorful pictures that they used throughout the site. When I clicked onto the webpage I was greeted by a display of color and beautiful pictures that brought this website to light. As I started to look around the website, it was very easy for me to navigate from one piece of information to the other. This website does have a lot of factual information that could be difficult for the average user to understand, but this website did a wonderful job explaining and illustrating their mission. As I started to search around this website, there were a good amount of visual†¦show more content†¦Many sites that do have these ads on their websites struggle with having ads that distract viewers from the website at hand. This website beautifully displays their mission, and each piece of information include on the site has a purpose and is relevant to their mission. The graphics remained consistent from page to page, and I quickly recognized the need for parks and preserves from the images and information shown. This organization included pictures of landscape, families, children, and the many different types of horticulture that is present in these parks and preserves. The font included on the site was somewhat bold, but it did not distract me from the surrounding information. There was not a lot of italics or bold lettering used thought the website that caused a distraction for me during my time on the site. I was not previously familiar with the project that this website was promoting, but the titles were helpful as I navigated throughout this website. The design of this website helped me, as a viewer, understand the mission of this organization. This website demonstrated great professionalism through design and writing. This website has useful information that can be targeted to many diff erent audiences, young and old. I was impressed by the way that this organization presented information. The colors, writing, and photography were helpful for users to navigate through the site efficiently. I felt very educated when I leftShow MoreRelated Critique of a Website Essay1639 Words   |  7 PagesCritique of a Website Web sites are just like magazines, newspapers, brochures, menus, or even directions on how to make nitroglycerin from house-hold goods, in that they all have to be put together in such a manner that whoever is reading or browsing over it will be able to clearly distinguish this from that. In this sense, a critique of any particular web site will have justification, while carefully considering also that this is an altogether new medium of information exchange. Now, all ofRead More A Critique of OPEC, The Website Essay1775 Words   |  8 PagesA Critique of â€Å"OPEC† – The Website OPEC stands for â€Å"Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries† and is comprised of the largest oil-producing nations of the world. Through OPEC, these Member Countries work together to control the price and availability of oil--one of the most significant commodities in today’s worldwide economy. Founded in September of 1960 with headquarters in Vienna, the OPEC organization is currently comprised of twelve member countries (History of OPEC, 1). OPEC’s missionRead MoreAn Investigation Based Research Project1607 Words   |  7 PagesDuring the course of English 102 this semester, I analyzed, questioned, and made critical connections between sources by using my research, my sources, interpretation, analysis, and critique. Upon entering the class, I didn’t understand what an inquiry-based research essay was, and I didn’t see the distinction between this inquiry-based research project and other types of research I have done. However, through seve ral modifications and suggestions from my classmates, instructor, and the Writing CenterRead MoreA Brief Note On Assisted Suicide And Suicide1032 Words   |  5 Pagesasked to write a progress report of my writing thus far. During that memo I wrote three goals; to improve my grammar, to add more details to my essays, and fixing mistakes from past essays. White Paper So far I have found all of my sources for my white paper. I have been able to find about five websites for assisted suicide and I have found four websites against assisted suicide. I have talked to a few people about assisted suicide and I am waiting for an expert to call me back. I have also foundRead More Post-Post Critiques of Racism970 Words   |  4 Pages Carrie Mae Weems and Hank Willis Thomas are two contemporary artists who are defying contemporary social and political categories and taking art photo into an engage era. The essays by Annie E Coombes provide a critical analysis of how the contemporary scene is moving beyond categories of post modern, and post race. Both are efforts to rescue contemporary artists who are dealing with forms of oppression from being described as old fashion or out of date. Carrie Mae Weems is an AfricanRead MoreWhen an author writes a piece of work, they go through several drafts before they feel that their1300 Words   |  6 Pageswriter is grammar. I tend to misuse commas a lot, which on my essays were labeled â€Å"comma splices.† In the first few essays that I wrote, I had a few of these comma splices. For example in my summary essay I wrote, â€Å"Julie spent two years in Indonesia studying and performing, she had become one of the family in the village where she stayed.† That comma should not have been put there. I had the same comma splice problem in my critique essay. I wrote, â€Å"She partook in an experimental problem that onlyRead MoreHenry Fayol1213 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿ Assessment - Essay †¨Ã¢â‚¬ ¨Ã¢â‚¬ ¨Assessment (Essay, 2000 words, 30%) is an individual essay. The assignment requires you to use to build an argument that answers the question â€Å"Is Henri Fayol’s management theory relevant today?† †¨Your argument should be presented as an essay. You may however make use of headings to highlight sections of your work†¨Ã¢â‚¬ ¨Your essay should:†¨Ã¢â‚¬ ¨Define the topic: outline what the report is about and how it will be structured i.e. what aspects are you focusing on and why. a. SpecifyRead MoreEssay about Stephen Crane and The Civil War895 Words   |  4 Pagessame (website).   Memories of his reasons for flight and sad recollections of the memory of Jim Conklin, the â€Å"tall soldier,† mirror the episodes mentioned in Crane’s second novel.   Studies have shown that the source Crane cites as his main source of information was a collection of memoirs from Union and Confederate officers.   The magazine, entitled Battles and Leaders of the Civil War (1884), was a typical publication revealing strategical information as well as topographical locations (website).   WhileRead MoreStrategic Management and Case Study981 Words   |  4 Pagesincluding their website and annual reports. At this level you are also expected to read widely from your text and other academic literature demonstrating that you have consulted other sources appropriate for a level seven paper. You need to show evidence of theory from the current textbook and from databases (such as ABI Inform/Proquest, EBL) to investigate FONTERRA beyond what is shown on their website. Specifically, use the Instructional Words to guide your responses to the essay questions inRead MoreMy Experience : My Personal Experience772 Words   |  4 Pagesmy time on essays, while still being able to make them sound well written. This semester tested my ability to work on my own, without being told what to do. With newly given freedom, I often struggled with what I needed to accomplish. By looking at my portfolio, one can tell that I have developed my writing exponentially. I have become more independent and developed through the ideas and opinions that I have. Reading through my portfolio, the lack of concern and work put in my first essay both surprises

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